Ensuring affordable, long term, and environmentally sound disposal of MSW

Cash Distributions

In every year since 1994, the MRC has rebated cash back to the Charter Municipalities. These cash distributions are intended to offset tip fees payments in order to keep the net cost of disposal at a target value. Target values are set by the MRC Board of Directors. The cash comes from the following sources:

Performance Credits, calculated as 1/3 of the profits of the PERC partnership.
Net Cash Flow, which is the cash distributions from the PERC partnership as sent out monthly to Equity Charter Municipalities as owners of limited partnership shares in the PERC partnership.
The Tip Fee Stabilization Fund, which the MRC built from cash received in excess of distributions.
The target values are currently set at $63 per ton for all Charter Municipalities. Fund investments are managed by People’s United Bank.

In 2010, after a process that included a survey of the Charter Municipalities and extensive analysis and discussion, the MRC Board of Directors approved a Target Value Increase Plan. This Plan would have the target values increase each year through 2018 in order to extend the availability of funds in the Tip Fee Stabilization Fund and to prepare for tip fee increases anticipated after the current waste disposal agreements expire in 2018. The Plan would also equalize the target values for the Equity Charter Municipalities and the New Charter Municipalities .

The MRC calculates cash distributions each quarter. To review letters to the MRC Board that describe these calculations, see the asset management letters in the resources page.

Each year, the MRC forecasts the cash to be distributed to the Charter Municipalities in the upcoming fiscal year. Click below to review the most recent projections.