Ensuring affordable, long term, and environmentally sound disposal of MSW

What is MRC’s role in the sale?

Since the plant closed in May 2020, the MRC’s role has been three-fold:

  • To ensure the safe and continuous disposal of our members’ MSW while minimizing new costs.
  • to maintain the physical plant and equipment to allow for a swift re-start under a new owner, and
  • to negotiate terms that allow for MRC oversight that will protect our members.

As landlord, DEP permittee, and holder of the contracts, the MRC has used that leverage to negotiate diligently for provisions that are most beneficial to our members. We are working to ensure that the new owner will be capable of processing MSW to our standards, will be financially capable of operating the plant, and will be willing to operate the facility as is, at least initially, to avoid delays associated with any possible future installation of new technology and necessary permitting.

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